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Iā€™m a keen marathon runner, having completed over 100 marathons, and so I chose to create a Medal Ceremony, similar to those in the Olympics, for my own recent Silver Anniversary.

Graham, 30 years ago you walked into my life and that fired the start gun for a fun and fantastic friendship that has continued ever since. I give you this medal today to celebrate 25 years of marriage to you, a journey that has thankfully been a marathon and not a sprint!

By going the distance with me we’ve seen the world together, you’ve run 28 marathons and two 56-mile ultra-marathons entirely against your will, and you’ve been my cheerleader, coach, running buddy and constant companion.

Like a trusty pair of trainers you’ve always got me through the tough times but been there for those incredible, arms in the air, crossing the finish line moments too. You have run alongside me in the journey of life, never in competition, always in collaboration.

We are truly the Dream Team, and this medal represents my proudest achievement to date ā€’ being married to you for 25 incredible years.

This is our silver wedding anniversary but the medal I’m presenting to you today is gold ā€’ pure gold ā€’ because you are so very precious to me.

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